Product Highlight: Turbo Assembly Gripper

The Turbo Assembly Gripper showcases our three specialties in one machine - Special Machines, Ergonomic Equipment, and Urethane Casting. It was designed to grip and transport a turbo assembly, as well as rotating it about a diagonal axis for placement on a test pallet. It is completely pneumatically controlled, but as you can see, there are no exposed airlines on our unit which provides protection from tampering or damage and a clean look. The covers are made of cast urethane and can be quickly removed for servicing and adjustment. They also provide a cushion to protect equipment and personnel.

Here are some pictures of the Turbo Assembly Gripper:

We also have a video clip showing the Turbo Assembly Gripper in operation:

Manually Inserting Furnace Tool
Operating the Turbo Assembly Gripper duration: 42 seconds